Shoppers were shocked this morning to be told as they attempted to pay for their wares: “You are in a virtual queue. Don’t close or refresh this page. :

The coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world is affecting work, life, love, markets, politics, technology and now shopping .

Or, If your business is one that can remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can take the opportunity to proactively help your visitors practice social distancing by allowing them to safely check-in remotely into a virtual customer waiting line with Queueall.

QueueInn is cloud-based solution that you access with your web browser. There are no apps to download and install. Set up takes just a few minutes.
QueueInn facilitates social distancing between your customers and your staff, allows you to control the number of shoppers in your location at any one time, and makes it safer to shop for all of the people that continue to visit and support your business.